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Her motivation to ensure her clients success is unwavering.
- Mary Ann Pareti
Bookkeeping Service

I am grateful to find such a diamond which has truly changed and saved my financial life. - James Delisco International recording artist

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Simplify Your Life

StressspacerMany small-business owners manage everything without taking the value of their own time into account. Delegate to experienced professionals. You can spend your time and energy where it matters most and focus on your expertise at the core of your business and generate income. We take the frustration and hassles associated with in-house or self-maintained bookkeeping out of the equation. You will have more time to get on with your life!
spacer Don’t let the mountains of paperwork stack up and stress you out. We can help you properly sort, organize and handle your bookkeeping.

Take Control of Your Business and Increase Your Profits

Financial FreedomspacerYou will have better control over your accounting because you will have accurate numbers and reports to base decisions. Financial Groove translates financial data in a way that you, the client, will best understand. We know how to structure your books for best results and provide maximum feedback on your business results. Too many businesses pass their bookkeeping off to an office manager and end up with inaccurate or meaningless books. Many small firms aren’t used to being run as businesses and find keeping track of interactions difficult at first.
spacerThe statistics and data compiled are “snapshots” of your company's activities. Your reports will show information like monthly profit and how much your business is worth at a specific time, so you can understand your present condition and financial outlook for the future. Enjoy greater profitability because you can react quickly to challenges and trends as revealed in your financial statements. You have the advantage of an accurate birds eye view to see patterns, making you more competitive. We ensure our clients no financial surprises. It is easy to stay within a budget and make important decisions when your records are kept so efficiently. We make it possible for you to run your business smarter.
Save Money and Eliminate Your Overhead

ProfitspacerMany small businesses don’t need a full-time bookkeeper. You can cut costs by outsourcing to Financial Groove. Office space and overhead currently spent on finances and record keeping can be converted to sales and other revenue generating tasks. You may not even realize all the overhead you are spending such as office furniture and supplies, computers, payroll expenses and taxes, training, turnover. On top of that, the task of hiring someone qualified is daunting and he or she is only available during office hours and you have to deal with the hassle of vacation and sick leave. Decrease your employee costs with Financial Groove and only pay a bookkeeper when they are doing your bookkeeping. We streamline the bookkeeping process to save time so you can save money on bookkeeping fees. You can also save hundreds of dollars on late fees, penalties or fines by making sure your bills are paid on time. You can improve your credit (6 months of paying bills on time can improve your credit rating). If your financial books are not done properly, they are irrelevant and not worth the money you have put into them. Financial Groove will help eliminate these unnecessary costs and make your financial investment worthwhile.
Maximize Your Deductions and Be Fully Prepared at Tax time

TaxesspacerBy increasing the accuracy of your books, we will save you money at tax time. Don’t let the end of the year taxes sneak up on you. We will reduce and minimize your taxes by ensuring your financial records are maintained and up-to-date at a lower rate than an accountant. It doesn’t pay to have a CPA perform the routine tasks of balancing accounts and putting your books in order. Since accountants are paid by the hour, it means more money out of your pocket if they are spending time trying to decipher ledgers. We communicate and work closely with your CPA to provide them clean books. Your records will be kept automated and tailor made for your accountant to operate more efficiently and quickly on your behalf, cutting down on their hourly fees. Financial Groove keeps everything up to date at a lower rate than an accountant so there is less work and cost, maximizing your deductions at year end.
Time is money

KeysspacerFinancial Groove will get your bookkeeping done quickly and efficiently. We have time and expertise to get it done right the first time. We make sure you have the keys to success and money in the bank.

Complete Access to your Finance Record

GlobespacerFinancial Groove has an online system designed to keep you connected and in the know with your records at all times. You will have access to your up to date records through a special client login. All your records are held in one place where we offer electronic documentation to store all your paper records and bills online for your ease in viewing, along with your Office and QuickBooks files. Our online account setup also gives you easy access to instantly send and transfer important files and data to us. We use firewalls and internet security measures between our data storage and the internet to ensure your security at all times.

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