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I am grateful to find such a diamond which has truly changed and saved my financial life. - James Delisco International recording artist

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PersonalspacerFinancial Groove handles the financial affairs of musicians, artists and entertainers, bridging the gap between the creative and business sides of the entertainment industry. We have specific knowledge of negotiations, accounting skills, investments and taxes in the music business . We also work as Music Business Consultants to advise artists, music industry professionals and entrepreneurs on music business strategy for their career or business.

spacerThe music and entertainment industry is very specialized with many intricacies and special circumstances affecting finances and credit records.  Bands often don’t think of themselves as a business; however, by doing so artists can affectively take their careers to the next level.  Becoming aware and accountable of the costs and benefits on tours, recordings, gigs, and songwriting, creative energy can be leveraged into financial gain. Accurate financial reports will readily be put to use for sponsors, backers, investors etc. Financial Groove considers it our responsibility to educate our clients and review financial statements directly.  Condensed into a simple and easy-to-understand summary, artists will always know how much money they have, where it is and where it is coming from.  Artists and/or management will make all significant decisions with the guidance of our international experience in business and finances.

Stage DoorspacerWe understand that numbers may be intimidating to many artists or make them nervous.  Financial Groove can step in to ensure performance fees and royalties are accurate and paid.  We will track income, making it easy to see where the most profit is made.  Bill paying and personnel payrolling makes it easier to concentrate on making music and touring.  Calculation of net after qualified productions expenditures will ensure agents are receiving the correct commissions.  We can take care of settling with the box office and making correct deposits.  We can make sure touring doesn’t run over budget giving artists the chance to fix it rather than finding out afterwards.

Dj SpinspacerFor new artists, it is important to watch every penny in order to survive and stay afloat as well as grow in the most lucrative direction.  For established artists, it is important to maintain financial accuracy and institute controls to ensure long term financial stability and success.  Financial Groove will pave the way for financial success to go along with artistic achievement.

Solutions for Dance Studios to Increase Profits

Financial Groove provides the strategies, techniques, and tips to transform your
Dance Studio Business. We will completely take care of your finances, inspire you
into action

, and help keep you accountable to increase your bottom line. We
translate your financial data into solutions and deliver the tools and coaching to
achieve success

. Financial Groove knows the dance industry, the problems you
face, and the elements that need to be balanced. Send us your documents, and
we take care of the rest! 



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